water can 25l
water can 25l

Best-Quality Water Can Delivery Service

Water can 25L delivery is at the heart of 5in Drops, your premier destination for clean and refreshing hydration. As part of Senthur Vetri Group’s Water Company, we take pride in offering top-quality 25-liter water cans sourced from our own mineral water plant. Our commitment to excellence ensures every delivery is pure, fresh, and prompt. At 5in Drops, we know how vital it is to have clean water that’s easy to get. Our 25-liter water cans go through careful treatment in our advanced water plant, ensuring top-quality. We care about your health and want drinking water to be simple and enjoyable for you and your family.

With a strong focus on making customers happy, we do more than just bring water cans – we bring peace of mind. Our hardworking team ensures our excellent reputation by carefully checking each water can you get. Whether it’s for your home or office, you can rely on 5in Drops to give you a steady supply of clean and refreshing water, taking care of your hydration needs with great care and efficiency.


water can 25l

Your Premier Source for Water Can 25L

water can 25l

Goodness of Copper

Enriches every glasses
of RO Water with 99.8% pure copper

water can 25l

High Water Saving

Saves upto to
80 glasses of water daily

water can 25l

Advanced Filtration Process

Give 100% safe, Mineral enriched water without harmful virus

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Happy Customers
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Area Covered
No Water Wastage
Natural Minerals Retained
Safe and Sustainable
water can 25l
Multi Stage Filtration
Fights all Pathogens
No Electricity Required
water can 25l

Best Mineral Water Dealer in Chennai

Water purification systems also remove good, naturally occurring minerals, leaving empty, tasteless drinking water.

Our Values

Full Control

Healthy Composition

Filtration Stages